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121, Avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 PARIS
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I believe that create a perfume is an ultimate Art.

It expresses the beauty of sensations,
Expressing the concept of a perfume.

Nicolas Marchand is an authentic French Perfumer
Member of the French Association of Perfumers, Paris

My creation is so different , so typical , because it is my own view of the Beauty, Based on the idea or the concept of the said Perfume.

I don’t follow the trend of the fashion necessarily but I express freely myself, influenced by the actual world.

My creation is my own mixture of the occidental and oriental world into a modern  way.

To Create is to Integrate other cultures and arts (painting, dancing, movies, etc…) into myself to make out, after a very long maturation, something different, very personal, the result is my own view of the Beauty

Please let us share with your new project to present you the most distinguished perfume which will enable your brand to be different and successful.

N. Marchand